Italian Roasted Pork Loin with Grapes – Sunday Night Family Dinner


I really loved Australian Table Magazine which morphed into BBC Australian Good Food Mag, which I wasn’t so sure about. However tonight I adapted their Roasted Pork Loin with Grapes for my family’s Sunday Night Family Dinner (haven’t been able to find their magazine site online as yet !).

I deleted the white wine vinegar and replaced it with extra virgin olive oil.

I also added 2 medium potatoes (to serve 4) peeled & cut into segments as well as 4 small onions to the roasting pan an hour before roasting was due to end.

Then I added sliced capsicum (bell peppers) & eggplant (aubergine) cut into 2cm cubes to the roasting pan for last 30 minutes .

Served with sliced steamed Carrots & steamed French Green Beans.

The pork was so very succulently tender & my “70 something” Mum really loved it – especially the red grapes, as she had never had grapes in a mains before – and it’s so important to have older folk keep eating & maintain an interest in food!

After dinner my Teen, Kat baked White Chocolate Mud Cake (WhiteWings) & Orange Cake (Greens) – both with Green Coloured Frosting – hmm well I used to do Purple coloured cakes ….

(PS Mum says she’s about to experiment with a new Chocolate Cake recipe made with Beetroot pureed in a blender – now I am not so sure about that – however if she’s willing to try my experiments then I obviously have to reciprocate !)

(PPS – I may need to buy a few more copies of BBC Australian Good Food Mag in future – features Suzanne Gibbs daughter of iconic veteran Australian foodie Margaret Fulton)



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